Machine Maintenance & Repair by T&A Rigging Inc.

Industrial Machine Maintenance & Repair
Indiana & Southern Michigan

Your company relies on well-functioning machinery to meet your business goals. When machinery breaks down or begins to run less efficiently, it can set you behind and even lead to major losses in time and revenue. In addition to machinery moving, rigging, fabrication, and installation, T&A Rigging, Inc. also offers machine repair to keep industrial shops in Plymouth, Lakeville, La PAz, North Liberty, and Wyatt, IN, along with the rest of Indiana and Southern Michigan, on their feet.

Machine Maintenance Services

Routine machine maintenance is the cornerstone of every successful industrial shop. If you don’t take care of your machines, they are more likely to break down or make errors that can cost your company time and money.

For these reasons, trust T&A Rigging, Inc. to complete all types of machine maintenance for your Indiana business. Thanks to our 60 years of combined experience moving and installing industrial equipment, we’ve expanded our skillset to offer maintenance and repair on all kinds of machines, from stamping presses to extruders and much more.

We can visit your property when your machines are in need of a tune-up, or we can set up a routine maintenance plan that ensures your machines are always in great shape. Through precision alignment and other maintenance services, we’ll help your machines run perfectly and stay ahead of any breakdowns.

Machine Repair Services

Machines aren’t built to last forever, but a sudden breakdown can be disastrous for your operation. Fortunately, our team has the skills and tools necessary to offer quick and efficient machine repair in Indiana, so you aren’t down for long.
We’ll do whatever it takes to fix or replace your machine’s broken or worn-down parts, including removing shafts, bearings, clutches, brakes and cylinders to find and rectify the problem. When you call us, we’ll work with your team to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Trust Us to Keep You Running

T&A Rigging, Inc. offers industrial shops in Indiana safe and efficient machine maintenance and repair backed by years of industry experience. To learn more about our dependable services, contact us at 574-233-3074 today!